Protecting Taxpayers. Creating Jobs. Improving Our Quality of Life

Fiscally conservative and responsible polices that protect taxpayers, including establishment of Taxpayer Protection Fund that has helped Rensselaer County stay under the state property tax cap each of the past two years.

Savngs of $900,000 over three years thanks to a re-bid of the county insurance contract by the Legislature, meaning county insurance costs are lower than they were twenty years ago.

Energy performance contracts that have generated a savings for county taxpayers of over $260,000, ahead of estimates.

Crucial infrastructure assistance to allow expansion of Regeneron in East Greenbush to create 300 new jobs

Savings of $115,000 in legislative budget in 2012, along with savings of $141,000 in 2011 and $129,000 in 2010, making current legislative budget comparable to early 1990s.

Introduced measures to protect taxpayers from welfare fraud and abuse

Support for the freedoms and rights our country was founded on

Creation of 3000 new jobs through supported projects

Completed expansion of county jail under budget, with expansion generating millions in revenue through boarding-in of inmates
Protected over 3,000 acres through Farmland Protection Plan implemented by Legislature

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